Nana (anime) revisited

Nana (anime) revisited

Way back in 2011, I posted about watching the anime series Nana about 2 girls named Nana who meet on a train going to Tokyo. I’m finally watching the English dub on HIDIVE and lamenting the fact that the Steelbook version of the blu ray is already so expensive after just coming out last February. I guess I can live without it for now since I can watch it in HD streaming.

One nice thing about getting back into it, I’ve noticed all the collectible stuff I bought related to the Nana series back then is now extra valuable. Anyways, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the series.  I’d even bought the Nana PS2 game which I never intended to play because it’s in Japanese and I don’t own a PS2.

I’ve watched a lot of anime thanks to my brother, but Nana still stands out as a classic despite only being released 17 years ago. The characters are just so realistic and likeable. The drama is high, but it’s also funny and sweet. I even recommended the series to my psychiatrist. There are some Nana CDs I’m watching, but now everything seems so expensive!

As for the games, I found emulators and roms of all 3 – all in Japanese of course. I tried out the DS game, but my Japanese knowledge is practically non-existent. Maybe I will brush up on learning Japanese again. If I really want the blu rays, it is only $45 now on Sentai’s website.

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