Hello, I’m a Crochet Crazy Yarnaholic

Hello, I’m a Crochet Crazy Yarnaholic

My current mental state is the title of this post. I recently started crocheting again, which I started way back when I was staying with my sister in 2004 or 2005. I continued down my yarn-buying sprees when I moved back to SoCal in 2007, as referenced by this previous shopping post. I’m also trying to get out of a Sanrio crazy phase, which has gotten expensive and out of control. I figured it was better to be crafty and start crocheting (and even knitting) again.

I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for Woobles, which combines my interests in Sanrio and crochet. However, $40 for a beginner crochet kit is a little high, even with the special crochet hooks (which they really should sell alone!). I’m currently attempting to make Little Twin Stars amigurumi and kind of stuck on Lala’s hair. The pink yarn I have is 100% cotton and kind of difficult to work with. I’m thinking of trying it again with a softer starter kit yarn.

Aside from being crochet crazy, a recent yarn purchase at Goodwill has piqued my interest in yarn: 10 blue skeins of Rowan All Seasons Cotton yarn and 1 pink skein of Rowan Hand Knit Cotton yarn (which is what I’m using for Lala’s hair at the moment). I’ve seen a few cheap crochet kits on a Facebook group called Salesaholic, which has coupons and deals on all sorts of stuff including crochet and yarn stuff. A few days ago, my mom told me there was a huge basket of free knitting and crochet stuff outside, so we took it home!

I have gotten a few nice starter kits, mostly seasonal, which include yarn, crochet hook(s), stuffing, stitch markers, yarn needles, and some even have scissors. In most cases, they are under $5 and are total bargains especially compared to Woobles, which seems great – just expensive. Only a few were disappointing enough to return. Anyhow, I’m even considering going to a local meetup for knitters and crocheters near my neighborhood. The next one is near the beginning of next month, so I’m still deciding and working on projects until then.

UPDATE: The Little Twin Stars are done! They look like Funko Pops.  After redoing the bodies, heads, and hair several times, finally finished in about a week. The hardest part was remembering how to crochet! The last project I completed was probably over 10 years ago, though I’m sure I started and never completed a few things since.

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