Smart Time-Saving Apps That Work for You

Smart Time-Saving Apps That Work for You

Technology has certainly come a long way. Such is the case that the days when we had to process tasks manually are long gone. Now we have smart apps that not only work brilliantly but can also help us manage our time better. Today’s blog post on explores some top picks for smart apps that work like a charm.


Evernote is a brilliant resource for busy entrepreneurs who need an efficient online diary to note all their thoughts on. In addition to this, it’s a convenient platform to gather all your ideas in one place. And it comes with handy features that support the creative process which include the ability to upload pictures or photos, add lists or to-dos, or just to record a quick voice note when you’re on the go and have to make note of something fast.


Trello is a project management system that is extremely helpful in keeping your team members in the know. It has many organizational features that help to manage the tasks you have allocated to team members to ensure that they are completed timeously. All in all, if you need a platform that can help you keep on top of projects, Trello is up there with some of the most efficient project management apps available.


Staying abreast of your competition means being continuously aware of current news and trending news that could possibly give you the advantage you need to stay on top of your game. However, finding the time to scour through newsworthy articles is easier said than done when you have so much on your plate already. Pocket is a valuable app that can help you sift through and save articles quickly for when you’re ready to read through them later.


Finding it difficult to manage your income and expenditure better? Mint can help you track and manage your finances for you. It does the hard work for you by calculating the lot down to the last penny so that you know exactly what’s leftover at the end of the day.


Of course, this app needs no introduction for business owners looking to get to the next meeting quickly in a congested city. Let’s just say, if you require a ride promptly, Uber can get you to your next important business meeting with plenty of time to spare.

Google Drive

Of course, we couldn’t leave Google Drive off the list of must-have apps for busy entrepreneurs that want to keep on top of important documents in real-time. Furthermore, if your business is document-intensive, Google Drive can save you plenty of time in creating, editing, revising, and saving documents in the formats you want them there and then without saving and reformatting them at a later date.

Insight Timer

While Insight Timer is not a business app per se, it’s still just as important for business owners seeking a moment or two of respite from a hectic day. Download Insight Timer for meditation inspiration if you need some time to unwind and de-stress.

App accessibility is vital

Speaking of apps, if you have an app that doesn’t accept customer payments or doesn’t accept customer payments easily, then you could easily be missing out on additional revenue because of a minor blip in the system. However, provide your customer and clients with a little peace of mind (and protect yourself from fees) by incorporating financial API bank account balance features into your app. This way, your customers won’t overdraw on their account if they can’t afford the purchase.

In conclusion, while technology has been criticized in many ways, apps have proved to be undoubtedly helpful for busy entrepreneurs in dire need of a helping hand for extremely busy days.

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